Surgical expenses for Chibs

by Danielle Kirk




Our sweet Chibs was having difficulty passing urine 2 weeks ago. After a trip to the emergency vet he was diagnosed with a urethra blockage and bladder stones. They were able to push the stones blocking his urethra back into the bladder with hopes that meds and a prescription urinary care food would aid in dissolution and subsequent passing without the need for invasive surgery.

Unfortunately our vet concluded that it was definitely necessary to do a Cystotomy to remove the stones so he went in Monday morning for that procedure. They did manage to remove the stones from the bladder but after 2 hours under anesthesia were unsuccessful at clearing some lingering stones from the urethra.

We were referred to a. Surgical speciality ER in Towson MD and he was transferred Monday night. The hope is to be able to place another urinary catheter and remove the blockage by once again pushing those stones back into the bladder. This means another surgery to remove those stones or worse case reroute his urethra permanently through a procedure the vet referred to as a “P-U”.

As you may imagine none of these procedures, ER visits or surgeries have been free and definitely not cheap. Just for the ER hospitalization just for the urinary catheter and overnight came in at $1286. Not including the two previous bills that have my CC maxed out. The Cystotomy Revision was $5663.

Total costs over $8k.

Thank you for considering helping. A share of this link and definitely positive thoughts and prayers would go a long way too. <3

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