Black Girl Entrepreneurship Fund.

by Nana Younge




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5 years ago I founded Get Girls Going as a means to empower Black teen girls to become change agents in their communities through entrepreneurship. For many people that do not know me personally or my story, I come from an immigrant family and moved to America when I was 4 years old from Ghana. Like many immigrant children and first generation students  in America, I found myself in spaces of hardship that came with the unknown which was compounded with the culture of racism, sexism, prejudice, and inequalities inside and outside of schools. I believe that entrepreneurship is an avenue and a tool that can be utilized to affect real change in Black communities across the country. I also believe that creativity, determination, and leadership lie in the hearts and minds of young Black women everywhere but we must recognize it and empower them to find their purpose. This giving season, I am asking my network to help me raise $5000 to support the Get Girls Going Inc.

In Africa, we believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Just as that proverb reminds us, it will take a village to further the mission of an organization like Get Girls Going. If we all contribute then we can make a lasting impact. Become a part of the GGG village and support our girls today!

Please join us for #GivingTuesday to raise $50,000 and sponsor a new cohort of Black Teen Girl Entrepreneurs

Tayana's Story: A Passionate Leader on the Path to Success

Tayana Antoine is a 16-year-old junior at Fenway High School in Boston MA. Tayana joined Get Girls Going as part of the inaugural cohort in Boston. Tayana came to Get Girls Going knowing that she wanted to make an impact in people's lives and applied to the Get Girls Going intensive 6-week entrepreneurship incubator.


Tayana is the oldest of four and grew up around pregnant women her whole life. She was exposed to the struggles that come with pregnancies for a lot of mothers and aspires to one day become an ob-gyn that utilizes traditional and psychological practices to ensure that pregnant women are getting what they need to have successful pregnancies. Tayana’s passion is constantly thinking of ways to improve the lives of pregnant women, especially minority women who are at higher risk for prenatal depression, postpartum, maternal mortality, and morbidity.


During her time at Get Girls Going, Tayana worked with her mentors to uncover the struggles that pregnant women faced and conducted a survey where she asked pregnant women what they needed to feel excited about their pregnancy. As a solution, Tayana created Ainoa - a business to help women feel confident and excited during and after their pregnancies. Anioa’s mission is to ensure that each pregnancy is a pregnancy to remember. Ainoa will provide mothers-to-be monthly subscription boxes filled with stylish maternity clothes, loungewear, lingerie, affirmation cards, oils, gadgets, and all-natural products to help pregnant women feel good. As beautiful as pregnancies are, not every woman gets to enjoy the process. Tayana believes that every second counts and every memory that is made is a special one when you're pregnant. Her goal is to make sure moms all over the country can create as many memories as possible throughout their journey with Ainoa.


In May of 2022, Ainoa will launch its website and products to the public. Tayana was the first place winner of the Get Girls Going 2021 Pitch Night Competition and credits her success to being part of the Get Girls Going Summer Incubator insisting that,

“I’m pursuing something that I love and I am passionate about. GGG gave me the confidence to know that I can make a difference in the world even as a teenager and has given me the resources to make that happen .”

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What Your Gift Will Accomplish

With your support, more teen girls like Tayana will have the opportunity to thrive. Together we can support the next generation and build a better tomorrow.

  • Your gift of $50 purchases two wellness workshop kits for a teen girl entrepreneur
  • Your gift of $100 supports one teen entrepreneur with a field trip
  • Your gift of $250 sponsors a teen entrepreneur throughout an entire school year of entrepreneurship workshops 
  • Your gift of $700 covers prototyping costs and sponsors website costs for two entrepreneurs. 
  • Your gift of $1500 sponsors one teen entrepreneur for the entire summer and helps us build a cohort of teen entrepreneurs on the the path to success 

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