Looking to support MORE SpeakLife Coaches & Players

by Rickey Brady

Supporting: Winning Cultures for Speaklife Ministries, Inc.


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This year SpeakLife was fortunate enough to have 2 new SpeakLife Coaches.  These guys led DEVO b4 devo, SpeakLife Leadership Teams,  MAPS curriculum and did some Life Coaching.  I'm personally thankful for the influence & impact they had on Edmond North & Edmond Memorials Athletic Culture.  Help me raise funds so we can add more influential guys that truly know how to use the platform of Sports to impact others.

SPEAKLIFE END OF THE YEAR - Winning Cultures Fundraiser

“Athletics is not about arriving at a specific destination, but the lessons learned on the journey.”

Our SpeakLife Programs: 

  • SpeakLife Leadership Team - This is a group of hand picked high school leaders who meet weekly with the SpeakLife coach to address ways to Elevate the Environment, Characterize the Culture and Intentionally Inspire Significance.
  • D.E.V.O b4 devo- This program is often the most consistent weekly team building encounter in all of sports. SpeakLife at it’s core is about Direction-Expectation-Victories-Obstacles.
  • M.A.P.S - The purpose of M.A.P.S is to provide a strategic path for the SpeakLife curriculum. Our goal is to intentionally inspire significance by coaching players/individuals more than team/group. SpeakLife has developed a M.A.P.S curriculum to help guide us over the craving of success to the actual desire of every person…. significance. SpeakLife isn't focused on dismantling the competitive nature of achieving success but rather recognizing the importance of understanding significance.
  • Domination 316 – Domination 316 is where we develop and showcase the power and influence of self-control by our Attitudes, our Efforts, and our Sportsmanship. This is done by putting in place an elevated standard that people of significance do not just love their athletes…. they SO LOVE with intent and purpose above and beyond the game……. The ADVERSITY in youth sport IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO SO LOVE.
  • SpeakLife Dads – The most identifiable superpower on the planet. SpeakLife provides opportunities for Fathers to Stand on the Mountain and illustrate the Levels of Encouragement. Directly, Indirectly and Collectively.
  • (SCG) SpeakLife Culture Generator – Call them out! Point them out! Recognize and reward players, coaches & parents that Generate a SpeakLife Culture in their arena.
  • SpeakLife Coaches Program – certified coaches that intentionally partner with the Head Coach in helping build/teach a winning culture.
  • IMPACT1 – this is a 7-week discipleship program for those that desire spiritual growth.