Ricardo Perez



This is Diego. He was born with Spinal Bifida, Myelominingocele. As a result he also has hydrocephalus, which is monitored by shunt. He uses medical equipment to support with mobility and other obstacles. He faces challenges everyday and has been through 10+ surgeries. Though life can be tough, what shines most is his big heart and happiness. He is furtunite to have a great support system, with his family, his basketball team, his hockey team, PT/OT, Doctors and so many others within the community. Diego has so many interest from sports to art, singing and learning to play instruments. Currently he plays wheelchair basketball for Roll to Success and Sled hockey for The San Diego Ducks. At school he practices the cello in orchestra. Physically it’s a challenge living with Spinal Bifida and mentally has been just as hard. Your support is greatly appreciated and will aid in his adaptive sports and lifestyle goals. He wants to continue being active in sports, learn how to play the guitar and become a better singer ( to be on America’s Got Talent).