Charlene is going to Poland to teach English!

by Charlene Kahn




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This fall, I have an opportunity to do community service on a global level by teaching English to Polish and Ukrainian students in Siedlce, Poland. This will be my first time volunteering with Global Volunteers, an NGO with partnerships in 13 countries.

Teaching English with international volunteer service programs has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. Social justice, in this case, through education and cultural exchange is a life-long guiding principle.

For the last ten years, I’ve been teaching refugees, immigrants and ESL students. Since 2021, I’ve volunteered at REWA, helping legal permanent residents prepare for their citizenship tests. In 2015 after receiving a TESOL Certificate, I traveled to Eastern Colombia and taught students in Villavicencio, Colombia. It was such a gratifying experience that I returned in 2018. The invaluable cultural exchange and friendships I made continue: the lead English teacher became a close friend and recently visited me in Seattle!

Because I have lots of experience teaching children and working with refugees, this is an ideal placement! Based on my past experiences, I will offer that same encouragement to the students in Siedlce as they grow and move forward. Some students are displaced Ukrainian refugees. Caring teachers can provide stability and compassion and I am grateful to assist in any way I can.

I'm excited to meet these young Eastern Europeans and learn about their community. I feel called to help in this part of the world in particular, at this time, and with a valued skill.

Global Volunteers offers a fundraising option to cover the program expenses: lodging, meals, program travel in-country. Airfare and other travel costs are my own responsibility. Anything you can give, no matter how small, helps meet my fundraising goals. My goal is to raise 50% of the total cost ($3000). I will give my all to make a difference in these students’ lives.  Thank you!!

Your donation is tax-deductible.

Global Volunteers' mission is to connect people worldwide to wage peace and promote justice through service. Our goal is to sustain the well-being of the world’s children and their communities, so they can realize the full promise of their human potential. Each Global Volunteer plays a significant role in positively impacting the people they serve and the communities they visit

Working on teams of up to 20 individuals, volunteers participate in one-to-three-week service opportunities where they create, nurture, and sustain the well-being of the world’s children and their families. Volunteers are welcomed into homes, classrooms, clinics, community centers, hospitals, orphanages, childcare centers, libraries, government offices, farm fields, and more on exceptional international service-learning programs providing essential services of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Volunteers work with and learn from and about local people who are making real change in their communities to help children grow and thrive.

By supporting volunteers' efforts, you contribute directly to the future success of children in partner communities. Your generous donation to your chosen volunteer ensures that these services continue year-round. Thank you for making this investment in the future of our world - our children!

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