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Hello all,

As the world has closely followed over the last several weeks, Ukraine is experiencing unprecedented suffering and injustices at the hands of Russian military invasion.

I first visited Ukraine in 2006, spending the Christmas holiday with my brother who then lived in Mariupol Ukraine. The teens in the Living Center where I stayed welcomed me and showed me around the beautiful city. We’d end the night sitting on rugs, sipping hot tea and playing UNO. This city is now under Russian attack.

A few years later I returned, this time to a small village outside of Ivankiv where Jeremiah’s Hope built a camp, rescue shelters and foster homes for area orphans and at risk youth. Over the years we spent time with kids, seeing them when we returned. On my last visit to the camp, over 100 refugee women and children were safely being housed after the Russian invasion in 2014.

Today, the foster children housed by Jeremiah’s Hope are being cared for by two staff members as access to the village has been limited due to Russian occupation. The team spends the nights sleeping in a root cellar to ensure the safety of the children.

Jeremiah’s Hope has long been involved in the community where the camp is located. Through partnerships with other trusted ministries they are putting together aid to get into a country that has been cut off from electricity, water, medicines and much more.

Jeremiah’s Hope is based off of Jeremiah 29:11, which is written to Israelites in the midst of hardship and suffering; people who had spent decades under Egyptian and Babylonian rule were soon to be taken into exile. Yet God responds that he has plans for them that include Hope and a future.

Today you might feel helpless and be wondering what you can do. Consider how we can be used to provide hope. First, the most powerful thing you can do is join in prayer. Next, please consider partnering with Jeremiah’s Hope as they mobilize resources to those still in country.

In hope,


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