Jessica's Ukraine Relief Fundraiser for Jeremiah's Hope

by Jessica Davila




Campaign has ended


Hi Friends and Family,

Jeremiah's Hope has provided a personal fundraising link for me to ask for donations to help the children, orphans, staff, neighboring villages, and people of Ukraine as Russia continues to wreak havoc and chaos on the lives of innocent people. As many of you know, I am a volunteer and have served as a short-term missionary volunteer at the camp in Kolentsi, Ukraine. I have been involved with Jeremiah's Hope since 2016 as a summer camp missionary worker and a donor. This charity owns my heart as I have witnessed firsthand their work and how they use their funds. Funding is immediately needed as two former JH staff members have been shot and seeking medical treatment. We need to get supplies to them, and we are HOPEFUL we will rebuild. When that time comes, I pray that I get part of that team. For now, the children and staff need your help financially and through fervent prayer. Thank you for opening your heart and your wallet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who already donated to the main link. Amid the most challenging times of our lives, I am privileged to be called to serve and ask you to join me.


Jessica, Skyler, Brooklyn, and Natalya 

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