Ukraine Relief - Please Help!

by Trenton Carothers




Approximately 10 years ago, I went to Jeremiah's Hope in Ukraine about an hour and a half outside of Kyiv. We worked to get the camp ready to host children in the community who often are left to care for themselves. We spent several days getting to know each other, finding common ground, and teaching them from the Bible. It was truly amazing being able to communicate when we only knew a few words in each other's language and still being able to show love despite coming from very different places.

Before the camp started, we did some service projects (including making a concrete walkway as pictured here), and worked side by side with people from across the world. I still often think of working with Kola, and the lessons that he taught me.

We are trying to raise additional funds to be able to take care of those in Ukraine as needs come up. Funds have already been used to care for the wounded and provide housing for those who have lost their homes due to the war, and I know there are and will be many more needs in the months and years to come. Would you partner with me to help care for the people of Ukraine during this time?

How would you like to support?