Cinch Smith: Strikeout The Stigma

by Cinch Smith




Campaign has ended


Last year, I took the risk of moving to Canada to pursue my dream of playing collegiate baseball. I didn't know a single person going into this school or ever even visited the country before. A week before my flight leaving Arizona was set to take off, I received the news that the university I was attending decided to cut baseball for financial reasons following the pandemic. The only constant I had in my life was taken away from me with no notice. My life was flipped on its head as I had to navigate my first year of college, manage living abroad in a city where I did not speak the main language, and try to play the sport I love without the support of the school.

Having to sit on the sidelines while all of college baseball is in full swing has taken a toll on my mental health. But the resources that Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression and China McCarney have provided have helped me stay positive and get the help I needed. Athletes who are suffering should not feel ashamed to reach out to loved ones about their mental health.

AAADF is determined to remove the stigma around athletes mental health one strikeout at a time with the help of Tyler Matzek, who pledged to donate $250 with every K he records this season. As if you needed another reason to root for the Braves, you can also donate to the cause even if you don't throw 96 from the left side. Join and #BeTheChange

Tyler Matzek and Max Fried from the Atlanta Braves are teaming up for the 2nd Annual Strikeout the Stigma Campaign for the Athletes Against Anxiety and Depression Foundation!

Tyler and AAAD Founder China McCarney teamed up in 2022 for the inaugural Strikeout the Stigma Campaign and raised over $30,000 for Mental Health. This year Tyler is rehabbing an arm injury and still wanted to do something special to #BeTheChange for Mental Health.

Enter Max Fried.

Max Fried has joined Tyler and China this year to raise funds and awareness for Mental Health as well as normalize the conversation around the topic. Tyler and Max will be donating $100 each for every strikeout that Max records in the 2023 season! You can get involved and create a fundraising goal of your own within the campaign. You can contribute one time donations or pledge a donation per strikeout as well.

100% of the funds raised at AAAD go towards creating Mental Health Resources for those in need! Our number one resource, and where AAAD allocates a majority of funds raised, is to our FREE THERAPY Resource where AAAD connects individuals in need of Therapy to Mental Health Services and covers the cost for a period of time.

Tyler and Max's commitment to help AAAD and those suffering from a Mental Health battle is incredible. Help us Be The Change for Mental Health and provide the resources and awareness to those in need!

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