Future Forge Community Makerspace

by Future Forge Makerspace

Supporting: Give Grandly 2022 for Grant County Community Foundation



Future Forge, your local community Makerspace!

Future Forge Makerspace is committed to supplying space and equipment for makers and crafters that want to create!

We offer access to a wide and diverse range of tools and resources for members as well as a safe space to conduct their work. We are an educational space that holds regular classes and workshops for our community, led by community members, in order to provide a chance for youth to explore their strengths and skills, and to help members discover their own talents.

We have recently purchased a building and moved into our new and permanent community space! This lasting endeavor will secure our presence in the community and ensure our permanence as a lasting business.

Our mission is to increase community involvement to provide access to incredible tools, knowledge, and community resources to help people of all backgrounds and ages to continue to learn new skills and make new things!

Which is why we need your support!

Future Forge is 100% volunteer operated! With your donations and community support, we can have the resources to make a bigger impact on our community, offer more educational support, purchase more useful equipment and make sure it is accessible to anyone who wants to learn and will continue to stay accessible for the future! Thank you!