Gila Resources Information Project (GRIP)

by Gila Resources Information Project

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Founded in 1998, Gila Resources Information Project (GRIP) promotes community health by protecting our environment and natural resources in southwest New Mexico.

GRIP serves as a watchful guardian of our environment in southwest New Mexico. We keep an eye on activities with the potential to harm community health and our environment, such as polluting mining operations, unsustainable water use, and ecologically harmful projects. In response, we bring technical, policy and legal expertise to protect our land, air, water, public lands and wildlife. By facilitating informed public participation, we engage the public in natural resource use decisions and stewardship of our natural systems. 

With your donation to GRIP, together we can:

- Protect community health and our natural resources by ensuring responsible operation and reclamation of the region’s  mines, by fostering resiliency and water security in the face of the climate crisis, and by saving our special natural areas and public lands for future generations.

- Defend human and ecological health by using technical, policy and legal expertise to uphold safeguards of our water, air, land, and natural systems.

- Engage our community to take action to protect our environment, public health, and unique wild places through educational events and stewardship programs.

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