Youth Mural Program

by Youth Mural Program

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The Youth Mural Program in Grant County provides an opportunity for youth to learn about history, problem solving,  collaboration while creating a sense of pride and self-worth. Upcoming:

  • With continued support from the Town of Silver City, we are restoring the murals in Silver City. We are in need of restoration funding to reach out side of Silver City.
  • With financial support from the Town, we will be doing two downtown murals: at Broadway & Bullard "a Postcard to Silver City" and the other facing the Main Street Plaza.
  • Work continues at the CDC at WNMU with Aldos YCC Mural crew.
  • Dedications Main Street Plaza and the SC Museum murals will be dedicated this summer.
  • And thanks to a 30-Something Grant, we have a downtown walking tour rack card, a complete booklet of all the 70+ murals found from Glenwood to Bayard, and a website.
  • Summer camp will be at the Public Library the last two weeks of July thanks to major support from the Town of Silver City.
  • We will be working on several projects with the Forest Service to celebrate the Gila Wilderness' 100th Anniversary .
  •  To obtain funding for another mural at City of Rocks. It would again be a summer camp drawing youth from both Luna County & Grant County.
  • Plans are in the works for a mural at the Bayard Library.
  • To step out from the umbrella of the GCCF, and become our own 501(C)3.
  • To purchase a vehicle for the mural program.

    We very much appreciate the support shown to us this past year, we look forward to continuing.