End of Life Options New Mexico

by End of Life Options New Mexico

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Our Vision is for All New Mexicans to have accurate information and caring support to choose their end-of-life options in a system that honors those choices.

Our Mission is to provide information and support for all end-of-life options, including medical aid in dying.

Our Values compel us to demonstrate COMPASSION for others’ experiences, and be INCLUSIVE of our state’s diverse population, while showing RESPECT for each individual’s end-of-life choices, supporting them in NON-JUDGEMENTAL manner with steadfast INTEGRITY.

We provide resources to assist with advance care planning. We provide referrals and resources to support end-of-life decision-making. We Inform the public, community leaders and the media about end-of-life issues. We educate residents about their rights to choose from the full range of end-of-life care options, including medical aid in dying (MAID). We educate healthcare providers so they can inform their patients about end-of-life options and provide the care their patients want, and We assist healthcare systems and hospices as they support their patients’ end-of-life decisions.

“I became passionate about end-of-life issues in 2002 when my mother had terminal cancer. Because she lived in Oregon, she was able to use the option of Medical Aid in Dying to relieve her suffering. I sat at her bedside all night before she died. When I put my head down on her bed, I heard her say 'Adrienne don’t cry, I am alright'. In the morning she was in her bedroom surrounded by family, her minister and two Compassion & Choices volunteers. When the volunteer handed her the medicine, she started chugging it down as fast as she could. When she finished drinking, she had a little smile on her face and was in a coma before dying peacefully surrounded by family.” Adrienne Dare

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For more information, contact Adrienne Dare [email protected]