JIF Pay-It-Forward Campaign 2017

by Camryn Turner

Supporting: Alumnae Pay-It-Foward Campaign 2017 for Joyce Ivy Foundation

My Team: Blue Team



I am very grateful to have been a 2016 Joyce Ivy Summer Scholar. I attended Harvard University Pre-College for two weeks in July and took a Law and Philosophy course.  My trip was fully funded with a combination of scholarships from Harvard University and the Joyce Ivy Foundation. I was also given a stipend for travel expenses. At Harvard I was able to experience intellectual stimulation, as well as, connect socially with people from around the world. The program provided me structure but also gave me a taste of the freedom I would have in college. Without the Joyce Ivy Foundation, I would not have had the opportunity to attend the Harvard Pre-College Program. I would like to give other girls the chance to explore college opportunities outside of the Midwest! I am asking for small donations to contribute to the fund for scholarships through the Joyce Ivy Foundation. Thanks!

Fast Facts

100% of Summer Scholars have the academic, intellectual, and leadership potential to thrive in diverse, rigorous academic environments.
45% are lower-income
45% are middle-income
10% receive partial, merit-only based awards
Most are in the top 10% of their high school class
About 33% will be first generation to college
About 40% identify as students of color

2016 Summer Scholars
78 Scholars from 70 different secondary schools
84% rank in the top 10% of their class
67% have a 4.0 GPA
30% first generation to college
40% students of color

High School Class of 2016
enrolled in college
81% report their Summer Scholar experience raised their college aspirations
44% admission rate to Ivy League institutions
61% matriculating outside of the Midwest

Summer Scholars alumnae pay it forward in many different ways, including participating in an annual fundraiser that supports a scholarship for a current Summer Scholar.

How would you like to support?