JIF Pay-It-Forward Campaign 2017

by Aditi Adhikari

Supporting: Alumnae Pay-It-Foward Campaign 2017 for Joyce Ivy Foundation

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I'm Aditi Adhikari, and I serve as a Senior Fellow for the Joyce Ivy Foundation, overseeing the Philanthropy and Communications branches of the Foundation. Joyce Ivy's mission is to increase college access for girls in the Midwest through two ways: providing need-based scholarships for girls to attend pre-college summer programs, and running an annual College Symposium that invites admissions officers to speak to families and school counselors about the college application process. 

The summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I attended a course in neuroscience at Brown University with the help of Joyce Ivy. Since then, I've been honored to interact with the many young women that have been able to surpass their limits on nearly a daily basis with my involvement in the Foundation and the alumnae community. It's clear that Joyce Ivy made a difference in my life - I'm now a neuroscience major at the University of North Carolina, mostly because of that class I took three years ago!

Your support will not only help young women from the Midwest expand their horizons and begin to realize their college aspirations, but it will also support our annual Joyce Ivy College Admissions Symposium, which increases college access for an even wider group of people.

Here are some statistics about this year's 80 exceptional Summer Scholars:

84% have a 4.0 GPA

56% rank first or second in their class

45% qualify for the highest level of need

46% will be the first in their families to attend college

After attending a summer program, students continue to be supported through the alumnae networks on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as through the Fellows program, which allows alumni to work with the Foundation.

Summer Scholars alumnae pay it forward in many different ways, including participating in an annual fundraiser that supports a scholarship for a current Summer Scholar.

How would you like to support?