Serodiscordant Couples Unite for Tread Red & MAO

by Thomas Stephens

Supporting: 2022 TREAD RED WALK & FUN RUN for Medical Advocacy & Outreach (MAO)

My Team: MAO Dothan - Wiregrass Champions


Your support of my efforts and those of others to raise funds through participation in the Tread Red Walk and Fun Run 2022 to support the services of Medical Advocacy and Outreach (MAO) means a great deal to me professionally and personally. Feel free to join the MAO Dothan Team if you would like to walk with us in Montgomery on September 24, 2022, or just make a donation (and select my name or the MAO Dothan Team during checkout).

Outside of my efforts to find ways to generate public awareness for MAO's mission through public and media relations, I am PROUD to say I am part of a "serodiscordant" couple, the fancy label now given mixed status couples. I am HIV negative and my husband is positive. We have stayed that way since we met and on July 4, 2022 we will celebrate our 23rd anniversary together.

When you honor me by adding your support for Tread Red and MAO here, you are also honoring my husband who lost the first great love of his life to AIDS complications in 1995, and dedicated much of his life since to improving the lives of other people, sharing his story, educating others about HIV and chronic illnesses, and demonstrating to so many that you can LIVE with HIV. 

WITHOUT nonprofits like MAO, social stigma, lack of medical and mental health support, lack of insurance, lack of family supports, lack of food, limited transportation, and difficulty obtaining medications would again endanger society's greatest resource - people. In too many communities, these issues are all too common; however, in South Alabama MAO addresses them head on.

Help me, help MAO continue to respond whenever there is a need.