Myra Fundraising for building a road in Liberia

by Myra Wamah

Supporting: Run Liberia Campaign for Save More Kids, Inc.


Campaign has ended.


Being from Liberia, I'm super thrilled about this project. I am a direct beneficiary of Save more Kids. I am one of the children who was adopted to live at CCH. I was fortunate to receive a SHE-CAN scholarship to study at Muhlenberg College. I am thrilled to participate in this fundraising for Save More Kids to Run Liberia. I will be participating in the virtual race and hoping to raise a total of $1000 to help build this road in Liberia. I've been on this road and I know how much impact it will have on so many people in this region. I'm kindly asking all my friends, mentors and supporters to please help me to reach my goal. For every mile I walk, I'm kindly asking supporters to at least donate $100. I'm hoping to walk a total of 13 miles between now and February 28.

Thank You SOOOO much for your support!


Save More Kids, a US based 501(c)3 nonprofit operating in Liberia, West Africa, is organizing Run Liberia; a half marathon (13.1 miles / 21 KM) in the Panta District of Liberia, with the goal of raising approximately $400,000 to build a fortified road that will connect the village of Garmu, and the surrounding twenty-seven villages, to a main paved thoroughfare. Currently, the over 30,000 residents in the region traverse a mangled patchwork of dirt (and often mud) roads to reach outlying villages and cities. The lack of reliable transportation routes severely limits commerce and intrastate trade, inhibits access to medical care, and contributes to a cycle of poverty that could otherwise be disrupted. 

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