David Ashford

Supporting: Monday Morning Quarterback Club 2022 Campaign for Quarterbacking Children's Health Foundation



Dear Friends & Family, 

I need your help! This year I was accepted into the Monday Morning Quarterback Club, an organization that has raised millions of dollars for charities that benefit the children of Alabama.  As most of you reading this will know, I have four boys, so we have certainly spent our fair share of time at Children's Hospital, the main beneficiary of the MMQBC, but my story starts sooner than that.  

I was born on September 23, 1978 to Leon and Barbara Ashford.  Only a few short months after, my parents could tell my eyes were beginning to cross and that I would need to have corrective surgery to fix them.  Some photos for your enjoyment.  


At just 14 months old I had my first surgery to correct my eyes at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, AL.  I would go on to have two more surgeries at age 5 and at age 12, all of which were performed at Children's.  Dr. Fred Elsas performed all of my surgeries and I am thankful for his steady hand to this day.  I am a direct beneficiary of the amazing facilities that we have in our backyard and they have improved immensely since 1978, in part due to this great organization.  

As a father of four boys, I have a great appreciation for so many of the charities that we support.  My oldest boys, Brannen and Andrew were born premature at 31 weeks gestation.  For any parent that has had to go through this, you understand what an amazing place an NICU can be, but also what a difficult time it can be for those families.  Our boys spent exactly 30 days at St. Vincent's hospital NICU and today are thriving, healthy, amazing human beings, that I am grateful for everyday.  

                        This is where we need YOUR help!

I am asking you to help me reach my goal of raising as much as I can for the children of Alabama.   Please consider donating to the Monday Morning Quarterback Club.  With your help we can change the world, one child at a time.  


David L. Ashford, Jr.  

We are a winning team with a playbook that supports children's medical needs in the Birmingham community.

The Monday Morning Quarterback Club of Birmingham is made up of members who are brought together by their love of football but set apart by their fundraising efforts. 

This year, the club’s fundraising goal is to raise $1.25 million during the 2022 football season. Funds raised will be distributed to worthy organizations that support children and their medical needs through our Quarterbacking Children’s Health Foundation.

We are indebted to our charter members and past captains for making this great club possible. Not only do we continue to enjoy the fellowship, but serve many worthwhile purposes for others who have such great needs.

We hope you'll take a minute to learn more about the Monday Morning Quarterback Club here: https://vimeo.com/343720207

Thank you for your continued support and contributions during this season.