Clyde Prather

Supporting: Monday Morning Quarterback Club 2022 Campaign for Quarterbacking Children's Health Foundation




Let me quickly tell you about an honor I have received, and a goof I have made.

I was honored this year in being selected for membership in the Monday Morning Quarterback Club (MMQBC).  Before you laugh at how being a member of a "Quarterback Club" could be an honor, let me explain and show you one short video.

The MMQBC was formed 82 years ago with the main purpose of financially supporting the Crippled Children's Clinic, which had been formed in 1929 to treat polio.  By 1951, the MMQBC and others had raised over $3M and opened the Crippled Children's Hospital.  With polio eradicated in the late 1960's, the club has continued, and increased annually, it's contributions to supporting all children's medical needs.  Going into this season, the club has contributed more than $22M to various charitable projects over the years.

Which brings us to my goof.  As a "freshman" in the club, I failed to realize the fundraising time frame was limited, and not year-long.  I only have until 12/31/20 to raise my share.  The goal the club sets for all "freshmen" is $1000.  I personally have set a goal of $2500.

All support is 100% tax deductible, and the thing I am most impressed with is 100% of all support goes directly to children's health charities...not a $0.01 is spent on admin costs.

Please click on this link to see a very short video, narrated by Tom Rinaldi, made by the Club specifically for 2020: MMQBC Stand Tall PSA on Vimeo

By clicking on the "Make A Donation" tab above, you can donate with a credit card.  I thank you for your friendship, and would appreciate any support you could offer. 

Sincerely, your friend,


We are a winning team with a playbook that supports children's medical needs in the Birmingham community.

The Monday Morning Quarterback Club of Birmingham is made up of members who are brought together by their love of football but set apart by their fundraising efforts. 

This year, the club’s fundraising goal is to raise $1.25 million during the 2022 football season. Funds raised will be distributed to worthy organizations that support children and their medical needs through our Quarterbacking Children’s Health Foundation.

We are indebted to our charter members and past captains for making this great club possible. Not only do we continue to enjoy the fellowship, but serve many worthwhile purposes for others who have such great needs.

We hope you'll take a minute to learn more about the Monday Morning Quarterback Club here: https://vimeo.com/343720207

Thank you for your continued support and contributions during this season.