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Renegades have been around since the 90's. We have a vast age range in dancers, as well as abilities, from brand new to dance to experienced. We have developed a lovely group of friends that dance for the "health" of it. This is the second time  we have been able to share our dance with Dancing with the Big Sky Stars. Thanks for letting us share our love of dance with you for such a wonderful cause. 

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The results are in! Click the link above to watch all the amazing videos and to see who won.

About the event: this year we put out the call to community members to get together and record a dance for the competition. 10 teams answered the call and they are currently working hard on their dances! We can't wait to see their creativity. The recordings will be released on May 14th at the Red Carpet Viewing Party at the Babcock Theater at 6 pm. Everyone is invited, and tickets will be available on April 11th. Tickets will be $20 and include a free soda and popcorn. 

Here is a sneak peek of the teams and the dances that have entered.

Click to watch the sneak peek

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