Team Connor

by Dillon Doeden




Campaign has ended


My name is Dillon Doeden. I’m not a climber, runner, or endurance athlete. I’m a father desperate to save my son.


My son Connor was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) when he was 2 years old. The doctor told me to go home and love my son, that there was nothing to be done. People often say they would do anything for their kids. Luckily most are never put in a position where that’s truly necessary. When I say I would do anything for my son, I mean it. I intend to prove that by embarking on an ascent with a small team fighting the same fight. Our goal is to raise awareness and funding to help fight DMD.


DMD is a rare genetic disorder affecting approximately 1 in 5,000 boys. Boys with DMD are forced to endure progressive muscle degeneration that affects every movement of their body. DMD has no cure.


Currently all DMD treatment is aimed at delaying the inevitable. It is my sincere hope that by raising money to fund medical research, we can find a cure. I will not stop fighting until that happens.


JAR of Hope is sending a team of courageous men to climb MT. EVEREST. Yes, Jim and a small group of men will be traveling to Nepal to climb their way to the base camp of Mt. Everest.  17,598 feet into the sky the team will be climbing to raise awareness and funds to find a cure. 

JAR of Hope will be filming a documentary about this historic journey. First, bringing a film crew to Katmandu to record how children with Duchenne live there. How poor the conditions may be. What the children might be lacking. JAR of  Hope is hoping to bring resources to Katmandu to help these families but we need your help to do this.