Joel Treadwell




Have you ever sat on a bench and dreamed about your child’s future, or maybe like me, a niece or nephew’s future? Somewhere at this moment, perhaps in your own neighborhood, someone is doing just that. But their dreams are different from yours or mine. Their loved one isn’t “typical”. What they really dream of is seeing that kid running and playing with friends, or being successful in a career. But they wonder if that can ever happen. 

For almost a decade now I have worked with these kids, their parents, and their caregivers through the Miracle League. I cannot describe the joy it brings to my heart. You see, I get to watch them. Watch the the athletes take a big swing with a bat as the crowd cheers them on. I see the pride as they connect with the ball. I watch the parents as their child rounds the bases, or lobs a basketball into the air. The look on the parent's faces, and the excitement in their voices says it all. The miracle of seeing their child do something they previously had only dreamed of. 

Please consider supporting the Miracle League. Donate today, and maybe even give some more later. I invite you to come out to the ballpark and experience it for yourself. I bet you can’t help but consider volunteering. See the incredible facility built by the Miracle League through the support of folks like you in our community. Let’s keep this thing going. The athletes just want to play ball. The parents just want to cheer them on. Let’s help them!

Join us as the competition heats up between fundraisers as they compete to be the M.V.P. of the 2022 Radio-thon. 

If you're in the car, tune in. Otherwise, visit to listen on your desktop or to download the app. 

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