Honduras 2 Year Mission | Nick Higgins, Missioners of Christ

by Nick Higgins

Supporting: Extended Term Missioners serving Honduras for Missioners of Christ



August 2016, I was invited by my Catholic Missionary Community, the Missioners of Christ, to serve the poorest of the poor with them in Honduras for to 2 years.  Part of the process of serving as a missionary includes gathering spiritual and financial support, and that is why I am writing to you today.  I would like to share more with you about the mission and to ask you to prayerfully consider being a very real part of this journey with me.


  • My financial goal for this upcoming year is: $3,500.00.  Funds will go toward room and board in Honduras as well as flights including an exceptional opportunity I have been blessed with this April to travel to Kenya, Africa with Cesar, one of the Honduran missionaries, to serve with former Missioner, Fr. Juan Pablo with the Fathers of Charity (affiliated with St. Mother Teresa?s order) and the poorest of the poor whom they serve.

My Story: 
I have been traveling to Honduras for the past five years serving with the Missioners as often as I am able while completing my graduate coursework at the University of Central Florida.  On my first mission trip to Honduras, I found Christ in a new, exciting way that I had not found before in other mission organizations I had served with around the US and the globe.  I felt just like the disciples, going door to door, praying with people and sharing the Gospel of the day? I had never felt more alive, more on-fire in my life, falling madly in love with Christ in the faces of the poor, in the warmth of the mission community family, and in myself in a new radical way.  I have recently graduated (thanks be to God!) and I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to finally join the mission in Honduras for an extended period.

The Mission: The Missioners of Christ have been serving the poorest of the poor in Honduras for over 15 years.  The goal of the mission is to fulfill the Great Commission to ?make disciples of all nations?.  Through various collaborations with the Bishop, local pastors, and other religious orders, the Missioners have helped to implement outreaches to meet the basic material and medical needs of the poor as well as discipleship and evangelization programs for the youth and young adults in the local villages so that they may become missionaries for their own country and Church.  I will be living in community with other young adults from Honduras, North America, and other countries living a life of prayer (3 ? hours a day!) and service.  For more details on the mission click here.

Mission Support: 
If you would like to commit to supporting me for my first year of mission, the commitment includes (1) prayer support; and/or (2) financial support (a one-time donation or a monthly donation for one year... see above under "donations").  In return, I will commit to:

  • Pray for you by name and for your intentions (Click this link to sign up/send me your intentions: PRAYER SUPPORT)
  • Post monthly to my blog to keep you updated as we journey together (we will have internet access once a week on Sundays).  Click ?FOLLOW? in the lower right corner of my blog page to receive emails.
  • Work diligently to bring the Catholic faith to those with whom I serve


Since 1998, the Missioners of Christ have been encountering Christ intimately through their neighbors in Comayagua, Honduras.  Sharing in the joys and sufferings of the Honduran children, mothers, the disabled, and the impoverished, they seek to answer Christ’s thirst for souls from the cross.  They serve at local orphanages; assist the Missionaries of Charity and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal; they have a mothers’ program; a scholarship program for children; and they offer physical therapy for children with disabilities as well as support for their families.  Under the guidance of the bishop and local priests, they also do evangelical mountain missions, spreading the message of God’s love to all. The Missioners of Christ live in a community founded upon prayer and the sacraments made up of young adults from across North and Central America.  Extended term missionaries commit to 2 years to Missioners of Christ's mission, live in community in Comayagua Honduras and are given the opportunity to participate fully in all ministries. 

How would you like to support?