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The Sandy Eagles

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Supporting: 2022 Leap Sandcastle Classic for Leap Arts in Education



About the Sandcastle Classic

This year marks the 40th annual year of the Sandcastle Classic, the biggest sandcastle competition in Northern California. Teams typically comprised of architects, engineers, contractors, designers, corporations, and local elementary school students work together to build giant sand sculptures. The funds raised by teams and sponsors make it possible for Leap to continue to provide arts programs to Bay Area students. 

- Thousands of people attend Leap’s annual Sandcastle Classic, which is free to the community.

The event is covered by regional print and online media, and celebrity judges evaluate the final sand sculptures.

- More than 25 local schools and 300 donating companies and advertisers participate.

On Saturday, October 22, 2022 Leap Arts in Education will take over Ocean Beach to host the largest sandcastle contest in Northern California; featuring team competition, food trucks, and live music all day! The public is invited to join in the fun and experience the construction of dozens of jaw-dropping, supersized sand sculptures.

This year’s theme “Sandcastle Remix!” pays tribute to the 40-year history of the classic San Francisco event, with a nod to sandcastle themes from the past. Each team picks a sandcastle theme highlighted from the past 40 years to "remix" in a fresh, new way! Teams can lean into their chosen year’s theme and include throwback elements in their sandcastle design, fundraising, and promotion for this year’s event.

The chosen theme challenges teams to build sandcastles real, imagined, historical, fantastical, futuristic—or just plain fun! The Classic will feature celebrity judges, live entertainment, and Community Castles so everyone can join in the fun, cheer on teams, and get their hands dirty! The public is invited to bring a blanket, grab a bite from the food trucks on site, participate in the competition, and spend a FREE day in the sun, all to support essential arts education.

Where: The event will be held at Ocean Beach and Balboa Street in San Francisco, with plentiful, free public parking, rain or shine.

When: Saturday, October 22, 2022, from 11AM - 3:30PM

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About Leap:

Leap was established in 1979 in response to severe budget cuts in arts programs in California schools. These cuts continue to affect arts education in our schools today, and the need for high-quality arts programs is now greater than ever. Leap’s programs place professional teaching artists in classrooms to work with grades K-5. Every year, these educational programs—in music, dance, theatre, creative writing, visual arts, and architecture—serve over 8,500 students in more than 30 elementary schools throughout the Bay Area.

Team Donor Giving Levels

Donate to a team and receive the following benefits:

For check donations, please fill out the Sandcastle Check Donation Form and mail it to Leap along with your check. All checks should be made payable to Leap and sent to:


P.O. Box #427005

San Francisco, CA 94142


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FRIEND OF LEAP: $1 – $349

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