Rim to Rim to Rim 2022

by Kim Hillis




Hello all, I am so grateful that you’ve taken a moment to check out my fundraising page for the Project Athena Foundation (PAF). PAF is a non-profit dedicated to helping survivors of traumatic medical events transition from life as a patient, filled with doctors appointments, anxiety, and overwhelm to warriors on the other side. PAF provides adventures that allow Athenas (survivors) to feel whole and empowered again. Your donation will help with travel, training, equipment and other costs to help these Athenas transition from survivor to athlete as well as to have a support crew to cheer them on. 

Project Athena Foundation speaks to my heart. If ever I need to decompress from anything big or small I take to the woods. Hiking has been my friend and healer for most of my life and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized how powerful it can be. While I am not a survivor of a traumatic medical event I am overwhelmed by the opportunity to support others as they take on this adventure. I don’t entirely know what my role will be other than being present to support and witness the healing power of nature, community, and watch in awe the transformation of the Athenas on our adventure. 

I am raising funds for the Grand Canyon rim to rim to rim adventure. And while I am very aware of what a mammoth (and possibly crazy, definitely painful) undertaking this is, I am very grateful to be doing it for such a worthy cause. For more about Project Athena Foundation visit

Thanks so much for your support! Wish me luck! 

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