Kylie Scott - Grand Canyon

by Kylie Scott




After seeing Robyn Benincasa‚Äôs keynote speech at a corporate event, I had the honor of supporting the Project Athena Foundation through a 120-mile bike and kayak adventure last fall.  Project Athena's mission is to provide survivors of various medical setbacks and traumas with opportunities to reach new goals and achieve their athletic dreams following significant challenges that have changed their lives. I had an incredibly personal experience connecting with so many other members of my newfound family.  We struggled, fought, laughed, and cried (guilty) together. 

I am once again fundraising for another bid with Project Athena.  Over the course of the next 4 months, I'll be training to complete a 2-day, double crossing of the Grand Canyon next month.  The daily training program has been intense, including long weekend hikes as long as 11 hours, hours-long stair climbs, and acclimation to up to 5,000 feet of elevation gain. My fundraising helps provide the gear, training, coaching, and inspiration necessary to help these incredible survivors reach new heights.

Witnessing the magic that Project Athena creates in the world had an immense impact on me and provided me with a renewed sense of purpose and passion to support the indescribable magic that Project Athena creates in the world.   I greatly appreciate any support you are able to provide, and look forward to sharing updates from the adventure!

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