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Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to invite you to join me in making a profound difference in someone's life as I raise money so that a beautiful woman who has faced illness can live out her dream of being an athlete. As an athlete myself I think this is a beautiful gift to grant someone in need. 

Meet Cora Van Winkle. She is a remarkable woman, a warrior in every sense of the word, facing cancer with unwavering courage and determination. Despite the challenges she confronts each day, Cora holds onto her dreams tightly, cherishing the hope of experiencing an adventure that will be etched into her memory forever.

I am embarking on a journey of my own—a 42-mile hike through the breathtaking landscapes of the Grand Canyon, not once, but twice, from rim to rim and back again. This endeavor is not merely a physical challenge for me; it is a symbol of solidarity, a testament to the power of human connection, and a tribute to the strength of the human spirit.

But this journey is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other. It is about honoring Cora's dream and helping her seize the opportunity to create lasting memories that transcend the confines of illness and adversity. With your support, we can turn her dream into reality.

Your generous donations will provide her with the means to embark on her own epic adventure—an experience that will allow her to be an athlete, empower her, uplift her spirits, and remind her that anything is possible. Your contributions will pave the way for Cora to transition from survivor to athlete, from dreaming to doing.

Every dollar raised brings us one step closer to making Cora's dream come true. Together, we can ensure that she not only survives but thrives, embracing life's challenges with courage, grace, and an indomitable spirit.

I am deeply grateful for any support you can offer. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.  Courtney Jacobs 

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