Inspired and Empowered

by Megan Knopick




I had the opportunity the other day to hear a woman speak about her life of adventure racing. She turned injury into opportunity by creating a foundation that gives medical and traumatic event survivors the opportunity to "reach new athletic goals and live adventurous dreams."

If you are reading this, then you know me and you know how much I love athletic goals AND adventures! I have been fortunate enough to shoot for, and achieve, many goals and adventures in my life... though, I haven't ALWAYS been like that. I didn't always take care of my mental and physical health. I was extremely depressed and self-destructive. I couldn't see past my own inner storm, but my loved ones were always there providing shelter.

I am blessed to have a network of support in my life that carried- and still cares for- me, through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not all trauma is physical, and not all scars are visible. And none of us heal from pain or injury without the generosity, love, and support of others. Part of my endeavor to live a better life than I used to is to practice gratitude, humility, and service. That is why I was inspired to raise money for the Project Athena Foundation - because every day I keep living is bonus time, and an opportunity for another adventure. And I'd like to pay forward that miracle for another.

In addition to raising money for, I will be hiking 26.2 miles from San Diego Harbor to Cove June 3rd, 2023 with the recipient of a Project Athena Grant, like these amazing humans: 

How would you like to support?