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Project Athena Cove to Harbor Adventure

by Lori McJury




Campaign has ended


Many of you know that last November, I had the honor and privilege of participating in the Project Athena Foundation ‘Keys to Recovery’ adventure.  I was accepted as an “Athena” due to my metastatic cancer diagnosis, which meant all of my expenses were paid to train for, and then complete, a 120-mile bike and kayak trip through the Florida Keys.  It was a life changing experience for Tom and me. We came home from the trip with a new extended family and a different outlook on life. It was an incredibly emotional, physical and spiritual adventure. The people we encountered, including other Athenas, the crew (AKA trail angels) and the fundraisers (AKA Gods and Goddesses) became a team that supported, challenged, encouraged and cared for one another. Our bond remains.

Now it’s my turn to help other Athenas experience the joy that is Project Athena;  joy that comes from reclaiming your physical and mental self from whatever it is that has challenged you. So, I humbly ask for your support, whether it be through prayers, positive energy or a financial contribution. Thank you!

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