Lauren T

by Lauren T

Supporting: Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive for Empower Dance Foundation



      Q&A with Lauren T: 

What are your favorite styles of dance?

Modern, ballet, jazz and hip hop - really all styles of dance!


What is your most memorable dance moment?

My most memorable dance moment was when I was the lion in Empower Dance Studio’s production of The Wiz. I’ve seen this movie many times; it is so intriguing and wonderful! When you dance as an animal your movements must show instincts and emotions. Being a lion taught me to be brave and believe in myself.


What impact has Empower Dance Studio had on your life?

I love dancing at Empower Dance Studio! My dance teachers are amazing and push me to do my best in every class. All of the dancers encourage each other and are my best friends. My mom says I would spend the night at the studio if I could - and she is absolutely right!


Why do you want to attend Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive?

I want to attend the Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive because I think it will be a great experience and opportunity for me to learn other interpretations and styles of dance. I hope to learn what it takes to be a professional dancer and learn from world renowned dancers and choreographers.


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Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive 

Campaign to support travel expenses and scholarship to the 4-week training program in Los Angeles, California

Empower Dance Studio had the opportunity to meet and perform for the Legendary Debbie Allen! 

Debbie Allen was the commencement speaker at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

In her speech she asked the question Who Are You? Encouraging us to ground ourselves in our purpose.

Based on this performance Debbie Allen extended the opportunity to 6 dancers to attend her Summer Intensive and awarded 5 scholarships!

We need your generous support to make this dream reality for our dancers.

Thank you for eliminating the economic barrier of this opportunity.