William H

by William H

Supporting: Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive for Empower Dance Foundation



Q&A with William H

What are your favorite styles of dance?

My favorite style of dance is contemporary and lyrical. I believe that with these specific styles, I can express myself easier through these styles and I enjoy performing them.

What is your most memorable dance moment?

My most memorable dance moment was when I performed for a crowd for the first time. That performance was surreal. I didn't know that it was going to feel so incredible, and I thought that I was going to forget the dance steps. However, because of constant practice, instructions, and encouragement from Ms. Nicole, I was able to perform better than I ever expected.

What impact has Empower Dance Studio had in your life?

The impact Empower has on my life is that I feel comfortable, and it is a welcoming place. I know of other local dance studios and/or teams who are not as welcoming. Empower lets me be myself and has helped me to develop into a strong male dancer.

What is your favorite class at Empower Dance Studio?

My favorite class at Empower is the Teen class because it focuses more on the things that the teens need. I am excited to be a part of a group of people who are close to my own age, and who are dedicated to dancing in a professional manner.


Why do you want to attend the Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive?

I would like to go to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive because this is an opportunity of a lifetime. I never would have dreamed of having this opportunity at my age, and after only dancing for a short period of time. I plan to further my dance career and train inside and outside of North Carolina and gain experience from different teachers. Attending the Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive will be a wonderful place to start, especially, while being around other people my age who share the same passion as me and we can share experiences. I am looking forward to attending and making Ms. Nicole and Empower Dance Studio proud. 

Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive 

Campaign to support travel expenses and scholarship to the 4-week training program in Los Angeles, California

Empower Dance Studio had the opportunity to meet and perform for the Legendary Debbie Allen! 

Debbie Allen was the commencement speaker at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

In her speech she asked the question Who Are You? Encouraging us to ground ourselves in our purpose.

Based on this performance Debbie Allen extended the opportunity to 6 dancers to attend her Summer Intensive and awarded 5 scholarships!

We need your generous support to make this dream reality for our dancers.

Thank you for eliminating the economic barrier of this opportunity.