Naziah H

Supporting: Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive for Empower Dance Foundation



Q&A with Naziah H

How many years have you danced?

12 years

What is your favorite style of dance?

I have connections with most genres of dance but two always stood out, contemporary and modern, because I always seem to connect on a different level. It always feels natural, personal, and deep to the point where I truly just let my body move without hesitation.

What is your favorite dance move?

My favorite dance move is the calypso. It was always a fun releasing jump that only grew over time. Now that I am older, I have a deeper understand of the movement and catching airtime. In dance, every move has meaning and that move is extremely powerful.

What impact has Empower Dance Studio had in your life?

Empower Dance Studio helped me find my strength in dance and as a young Black female. It has taught me how to express myself through dance and even normal life, just as simple as raising my head and shoulders while walking down the street. Empower has been there for every part of my life for seven years even when I started to lose my connection to dance because I was going through a lot of trauma, however after getting time away I was able to come back and work for a while until I was ready to start back dancing. Empower knew I had a gift that couldn’t be wasted and I will always appreciate them for welcoming me back and helping me find my place again when comes to dance.

Why do you want to attend the Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive?

I want to attend Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive to enhance my skills and see how far I will be able to go with this amazing opportunity. I also see it as a second chance because for the first time I attended in 2019, I went through a lot of family passing and was not truly in a good headspace and disconnected from dance. This Summer Intensive will give me a chance to show who I really am and my full potential as a dancer. This is my opportunity to really use all my training, time, and passion.

Debbie Allen Dance Academy Summer Intensive 

Campaign to support travel expenses and scholarship to the 4-week training program in Los Angeles, California

Empower Dance Studio had the opportunity to meet and perform for the Legendary Debbie Allen! 

Debbie Allen was the commencement speaker at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

In her speech she asked the question Who Are You? Encouraging us to ground ourselves in our purpose.

Based on this performance Debbie Allen extended the opportunity to 6 dancers to attend her Summer Intensive and awarded 5 scholarships!

We need your generous support to make this dream reality for our dancers.

Thank you for eliminating the economic barrier of this opportunity.