Shequila Roberts, Florida




Shequila Roberts is the founder of Determine Now and is a certified Life Coach that specializes in emotional intelligence. Shequila has been offering services to an experienced Meditation Coach since 2012, and has made it her mission to guide those that seek to enter the doorway to deeper insight by applying meditation to their daily practices. Her catchphrase “Come meditate with SHE!” Shequila has one goal in mind and that is to guide those who seek to strengthen their minds and emotions to live a life of purpose and well-being through meditation. 

Whether you are experiencing pain, stress, anxiety, or simply want to improve your emotional, spiritual, and/or mental state, SHE is able to assist you in becoming the best version of YOU! I welcome and present to you our speaker for today Shequila Roberts, to take us to an emotional place for setting goals for the future!For ages 4-92 years old.​

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