LaQueena Carrington, Texas




My current role is I AM AN Alchemist! Not just by what Webster Dictionary defines it as but in the very natural meaning of the word itself. It means one WHO practices Alchemy! For me practice makes perfect. Again not in the sense of “perfect” most defined as such. An Alchemist is by definition “a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process.” Throughout life, I have practiced alchemy without even knowing it. But I always say I CAN DO MAGIC. Leading me to believe in the power of the senses to my ultimate goal; to always walk with purpose.

I’m a mother of 7 so I was blessed to find my purpose early. I wanted to teach, but I was told “those who can teach, those who can do.” To me that meant I wouldn’t become just a teacher, but my purpose would bring me to more than one occupation. I’m my children’s first everything: from teacher to doctor to referee to best friend and other titles. This further piqued my interest in how to change the narrative in how I was raised, my grandparents, my parents, and my neighbors. By changing everything that I thought was negative or adversity, I switched it around with my kids. I learned from other parents, teachers, books, doctors, and  even television. All the parenting examples I’ve seen or thought to be of quality and effective, I implemented those in my parenting and everyday life.

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