Kesha Mason Campbell




Kesha Mason Campbell is an Author, Consultant, Speaker, Coach and The Freedom Fixer. As The Freedom Fixer she teaches women that No is a complete sentence, while showing them how to set healthy boundaries, and how to prioritizing their needs above the needs of their loved ones.

She has leveraged her education and expertise in finance, information technology, and training development to accelerate the productivity of corporate financial institutions for nearly 20 years.

As the oldest and only girl among six brothers, she has had her share of journeys to take. With two of her brothers incarcerated with a combined total of 20 years, Kesha has had to endure many difficult circumstances. She learned very early in life not to mix business and her personal life. She found that this principle is a learned behavior, which can be unhealthy in some instances. In addition to compartmentalizing everything Kesha had to learn to set boundaries. Setting boundaries made it possible to manage all things in her life.

During the time both her brothers were incarcerated she earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV) in Interdisciplinary Studies. While in college she worked full time and advanced her career in the financial industry all while taking care of them. They never wanted or needed anything while they were in prison.

Kesha documents her healthy boundary-setting journey in “Not Your Journey To Take”. The book explores her personal experience identifying the difference between responsibility and lack of boundaries as the oldest of six siblings, the primary support system for her mother, with two of her brothers incarcerated. “Not Your Journey To Take” is one of its kind focusing on the experience of the caretaker and offering effective tools to support your loved ones and confidently prioritize your needs without guilt or regret.

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