Leeland's Recovery

by Team Leeland Korman- Magnolia Elementary




Leeland was playing with his sister Wednesday evening, January 25th, and a freak accident happened resulting in a hemorrhage of his Middle Cerebral Artery. This caused an epidural hematoma and an MCA Watershed Stroke. Since Wednesday, he has received multiple surgeries at Rady’s Children’s Hospital to relieve the pressure on his brain. These included the removal of a blood clot and part of his skull. Though permanent damage has already been done to the right side of his brain, the current efforts are to protect and save the rest. He is in a medically induced coma to give his body time to heal.

Leeland is a bright student and a caring friend. He is an incredible athlete and a loving brother.

He will be on a long recovery journey and we would like to support him and his family through the process.