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AHS DECA Date Auction

by Karisma Daswani

Supporting: 2017 Friends and Family Fundraiser for Willpowered Woman



Nikita and I want to fund raise for Willpowered Women because we believe that they are committed to helping improve and empower women who are victims of domestic abuse.

Your donations go towards two full-time fellows for 2017/2018 to help Willpowered Woman grow.

Why Support Willpowered Woman?

Our Founder Caitlin D’Aprano is an intimate partner abuse survivor.


After only 4 weeks of marriage, her husband strangled her 3 times. She left with nothing; no visa, nowhere to live and no job. She had escaped to an emergency shelter and was looking for temporary housing, when she contacted nonprofits, the first question she received was, “Do you have children?” When her answer was no, 98% of nonprofits said they couldn’t help her.

There was every reason to go back to her husband: love, family, a roof over her head, but she prevailed against all odds. The amount of willpower it took her to persevere was tremendous, it felt like a force of nature. That’s when Willpowered Woman was born.

It's important to help women without children because 1 in 4 women in abusive relationships become pregnant against their will (forced pregnancy). Willpowered Woman wants to prevent a woman from having to go back and increasing her risk of forced pregnancy due to lack of resources.

Thank you for supporting Willpowered Woman: without you, our mission would not be possible.

How would you like to support?