Jay's Sept 9 '23 ride

by Jay Van Groningen




Campaign has ended


Laura and I moved to our house on 18th street in 2008 in what then was a declining neighborhood. There was a lot of turnover, and the neighborhood was in significant decline. Today we have block parties on the 18th of every month May through September. We are connected to our neighbors and life is better because we live it together.

During COVID isolation was essential. Today isolation itself is a killer (suicides, health declines, increases in mental illness, fear of neighbor, job losses and increased dependence on government and non profit supports etc). 

A plumber who lived on my street in the 60's could name every family on the street. Today most Americans cannot name their neighbors (not more than 2-3). 

In a time when isolation is the norm, we (society) need to develop habits and behaviors that connect us in life enriching ways to our neighbors. Though technology and mobility can connect us to others beyond the neighborhood, the closest richest relationships require in-person connections. Relationships in the neighborhood take less planning and effort to sustain than those beyond. Place and living in place matters for personal health, for social agency (capacity to get things done together), and for community well-being.

This ride supports the work of building healthy connected people and flourishing neighborhoods. It is really important work. I hope you will sponsor me or join me for this ride. I encourage you to sign up. Thanks for considering it.

2023 Restoring Our Cities Cycling Event

Things to Know

  • We provide several (including family-friendly) route options for novice to experienced riders. 
  • Options extend from 5 - 75 miles on recreational trails.
  • We welcome youth under 18 when they are accompanied by an adult.
  • Families are encouraged to join in.
  • Helmets are required for safety purposes.
  • A support crew will be available to ensure help is always nearby.​
  • Each rider gets a t-shirt, snacks, water, and route information.

What We Ask

  • $35 registration fee to cover event costs. $25 per rider for families of 4 or more.
  • Respect the beautiful biking trails and areas of West Michigan we Will be riding through!
  • ​Have fun while doing good! Bike on!

How would you like to support?