LHCN 30 Day giving challenge

by Loving Hands Children's Network

Supporting: 2017 Jamaica Special Needs Kids Peer Fundraiser for Nathan Ebanks Children Advocacy Group, Inc.



LHCN call to action to provide "real and meaningfull inclusion" of resources for children and adults with disabilities in Jamaica.

The Nathan Ebanks Foundation provides a voice for children like Nathan who are suffering from complex special needs and disabilities.

Your donations will provide much needed rehabilitation care, sanitary care, educational resourses and activity days out.

Help us to achieve this challenge and thank you for your support!



Hi Friends,

Let me tell you what our services at Nathan Ebanks Foundation means to some of the children on whose behalf we work:

  • After one month of rehabilitation support, Anna-Kay who has severe cerebral palsy learned how to sit up, and roll around on the ground independently. And you know what? She loves her new found movement!  Her caregivers never knew she had such skills or how to help her her unlock them. 
  • Shanique, a 17 year old young girl with severe cerebral palsy has never fed herself before. Through the support of a trained assistant who worked with her every day for three months, she is now able to feed herself with an home-made adaptive spoon. Now, she is so much happier and independent during meal time!

Although these victories may seem small to the average person, you know that they are not for a child with disabilities, especially those who are without trained aides and rehabilitation support. That's why the work we do at the Nathan Ebanks Foundation in Jamaica is so very important. We need your help and support to raise the funds we need to continue in this precious work. Join us today. Organize a a Peer to Peer Fundraising event to support our cause. 

Help us to keep them smiling!

How would you like to support?