Your Life IS Mission.

by Maribel Ramos

Supporting: Honduran Community Sponsorship for Missioners of Christ

My name is Sandra Maribel Ramos, I am 31 years old, I am from Cabanas, La Paz, Saint John Paul II parish. I have seven siblings, I am the second. I come from a family that always practiced the catholic faith, I graduated from high school with a specialty in Computer tech and in Science and Letters. I met the Missioners in 2006 in a retreat called YOUR LIFE IS MISSION, in my parish. In December 2013 I was invited to a week of training and a mission. Since then I felt called to belong to the community and I began a process of discernment. I have been a member of the community since 2015 as a full time missionary. Currently I am the leader of the female group in the mission house and assistant director of the Community area. At the same time I am in charge of the ministry of Mothers in Casa Guadalupe and in Benedict Joseph Labre hospital. I am in charge of the ladies with ulcers to whom we minister to.

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