Carrying the message of love

by Zaira Mejia

Supporting: Honduran Community Sponsorship for Missioners of Christ

My name is Zaira Yaneth Mejia Acosta, I was born in the city of Comayagua, I am 25 years old. I met the community of Missioners of Christ in 2013. From that day, I was attracted to the way in which they serve God and I was really impacted by the joy they reflected and I was able to see a reflection of the love of God in them. In the year 2015, after prayer and spiritual direction, I decided to begin the application process to enter the community. In January 2016 I entered the community. My experience living here has been full of blessings, this is the place where I feel good, where I can give myself to God and to others. Where I have been able to get to know myself really, have that relationship with Him and to carry this message of love. Currently I serve in the coordination of the Pan de Vida (Youth 2000) retreats and on the follow-up missions, finances (keeping records of receipts) and manager of the house where I am responsible for making schedules for the house for cleaning areas, maintenance and I also help with regulating the groceries for the house.

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