Matthew Sombras Lara Campaign

by Cass Casillas

Supporting: What If We Had Known . . . ? for Group B Strep International



At 37 weeks I was tested for Group B Strep. Something that I had no knowledge about. I just went ahead with the doctors orders. Once the results were negative I didn't think anything of it. 

 At 3 weeks Matthew became very Ill .  Me and his Father took him into the ER and informed them of everything that was wrong with him. They brushed it off as just being colic .  The next morning he was very still and a different shade in color. He had projectile vomiting and cried in pain throughout the night. We needed a second opinion so we took him to Dr. White that morning.  With after just listening to our situation and looking at him, he came to the conclusion that he had bacterial meningitis.  A result of being later tested positive by spinal tap of group b strep. Luckily it was caught and they were able to have him on an antibiotic through a pik line that ran from his arm to his heart for 2 weeks in San Antonio University Hospital.

Although we were lucky enough that our son survived. Hearing that if we didn't act upon instinct that he would've been dead, probably within the week or so. And it's come with its disadvantages .  Matthew now deals with certain disabilities and is on the spectrum. But he's here with us and that's all that matters. He's bright, caring, energetic and had a smile that melts everyone's heart. 

  What if we had known how to help protect our babies from GBS?

As a tribute to all babies who have been infected by group B strep (GBS), let's make sure the next parents know how to help protect their babies! Help GBSI help parents and providers around the globe close the gap in GBS care. Sometimes something as simple as making sure the hospital knows a woman's GBS status is all it takes to make a difference in a baby's life.

You can make a difference for families worldwide by learning, contributing, and sharing about GBS!

Here's how to make a difference for families worldwide:

    1) Learn about GBS at

    2) Contribute to the cause by making a donation                                  

    The first $25,000 raised ~ GBSI plans to exhibit and/or present at two important international conferences, such as FIGO 2018 and ISPID-ISA 2018, and the American College of Nurse-Midwives 63rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition as well as cover our routine printing and shipping of GBS info to parents and perinatal providers.

    The next $5,000 raised~ Have our website and all of our GBS materials fully translated into Spanish and then print and ship Spanish-language GBS info to the many requests we've had over the years.

    The next $40,000 raised~ Will provide funding to implement statewide distribution of GBS info through two US State Departments of Health and one smaller country's Department of Health. Funding would include staffing, printing, and distribution of materials. (See what GBS mom, Bevin Tomlin did with the State of Alabama!) AND work with those Departments of Health to ensure that babies' death certificates are being updated when pathology tests results are available so that GBS infections are counted! (We learned that this isn't happening as it should - even in the US - when we were at a perinatal conference in Uruguay last year.)

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Let’s make this the best July so far for GBS awareness!