Walking to Save Lives!

by Katelyn Lordan

Supporting: 2017 Gloucester Pride Stride for Gloucester Pride Stride Committee

My Team: Cape Ann Animal Aid



This is Sallie Belle Lordan, I?m Katelyn & Josh?s amazing dog!  You probably recognize me from all those photos of me Katelyn posts on Facebook. Yeah, I know, I?m adorable! Anyway?I?m writing today because Katelyn needs your help to do something great for lots of animals at Cape Ann Animal Aid?s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter. (That?s where I was adopted from!)


On Sunday, April 30, 2017, Katelyn will be walking in the Gloucester Pride Stride, a 3-mile walk to benefit local charities and foster community spirit. My mom is walking to raise funds for Cape Ann Animal Aid?s Veterinary Care Fund and that makes me so proud, my tail wags every time I think of how much they will help my friends at the shelter!  Katelyn is the Volunteer Coordinator at CAAA and loves her job.  She?s always coming home smelling yummy and talking about who was adopted that day.  She will be walking with the Staff, Volunteers and Board members to collectively raise $25,000 to provide vet care for the animals at the shelter.


When I first arrived at the shelter, I was scared and defensive. But everyone I met was so patient and nice to me, so I started to feel much better thanks to things like their enrichment activities, vaccinations, flea/tick preventative, and yummy food. I was lucky enough to find a family who takes care of me, taking me for walks and regular trips to the vet.  To be honest, I don?t really like going to see the vet, but I know that it?s an important thing to do so I can be healthy and happy.  My friends at the shelter are still waiting for their furever homes but in the mean time, they have a wonderful shelter to call home with caring staff and volunteers who meet their every need.  Many need medical care and the vet bills (I?m told) are never ending.  It makes me sad to know there are still friends who are waiting to be rescued despite feeling as good as I do, while some need ongoing medical care and specialized surgeries.  That?s why I busted into Katelyn?s laptop and set up this page (I surfed the web a bit too.  Now I see why she?s always looking at this metal box. It?s fun!)


My mom?s goal is to raise $500 for the Veterinary Care Fund. Now, if she doesn?t meet this goal, I?ll have to do some extra special snuggling to cheer her up which is okay by me but I?d really rather see the team succeed so that lots of animals like me get the vet care they need.


So what do you think? Will you help Katelyn meet her goal and ensure that her team mission is fulfilled by making a pledge of $10, $20, $50, or whatever your budget will allow? Donations are 100% tax deductible and can be sent through my page or mailed directly to the shelter.  If you do go "old school" and write a check, they should be made payable to "Gloucester Pride Stride" with CAAA in the memo.


Thank you for listening to my request and considering helping my mom reach her goal.  I knew I could count on you (us dogs are great judges of character)! Well, I?ve got to go now. It's time for me to bark at the mailman and then take my afternoon nap.


Sending hugs, kisses and love!


Sallie Belle Lordan


P.S. Check out or visit Cape Ann Animal Aid?s Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter in person (4 Paws Lane, Gloucester, MA) and see first-hand the great work they are doing to care for and find loving homes for my fellow animal friends!


1) Local nonprofit organizations and community/school groups sign up to create a Pride Stride Team.
2) Community members join an organization/groups team and raise money for that cause by collecting pledges for walking in the Gloucester Pride Stride, a 3 mile walk around downtown Gloucester that starts and ends at Stage Fort Park on Sunday, April 30, 2017.
3) Team members create a fundraising page, share the page link with friends and family through email and social media, and collect donations. Printable pledge sheets are available for those that don't want to raise funds online.
4) After the walk, Gloucester Pride Stride will distribute checks to each participating group at the annual Awards Dinner.
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