Amy's Army to TackleALZ

by Amy Danielson

Supporting: BvB Dallas 2017 Season for BvB Dallas

My Team: Bru Crew



Hello friends and family and more!  Thank you so much for visiting my donations page.

I am back, for my second year with BvB Dallas, an organization of young professionals dedicated to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. 

My first year was more than I ever imagined.  Hoping to raise just enough money to be eligible to play in the end of season powder-puff football game in the Cotton Bowl, I was blown away by all who propelled me to raise over $5000.  Your support and dedication to helping find a cure, undoubtedly brought me back for my second year.  

This year, I hope to DOUBLE that money.  

I was nominated and voted co-captain of this year’s BruCrew Team.  Deeply honored, my mission is to not only meet my goal, but empower other young ladies do the same.  Creating awareness, building a strong network of professionals, and mentoring their growth are just some of the focal points I have for 2017.

My underlying mission still lies with preserving the memory of my father, Dick Danielson, who I lost 10 years ago to Stage 4 Brain Cancer.  Although not Alzheimer’s, funds raised in this organization go towards all brain research, and therefore, of great importance to me.  Not only is this the 10 year anniversary of the loss of my father, it is also the 10 year anniversary of the BvB Dallas Organization – so we celebrate!

Last summer, BvB Dallas met and exceeded their goal of raising over $500,000.  We have increased that goal to over $600,000 in 2017. 

Will you help in that endeavor?

BvB will be ending our fundraising efforts when the Brunettes take on the Blondes in a powder-puff flag football game August 12th at the Cotton Bowl.  Any $25 donation or more will immediately secure you a ticket for the game.

Even if you are unable to come to the game, your generous donation will help us Tackle Alz!

Thank you all!



BvB Dallas is a young-professionals organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for Alzheimer's disease. Each year, the organization hosts a number of fundraising events including happy hours, pool parties, charity dinners, a benefit concert and a powder-puff football game at the Cotton Bowl. Founded in 2008 by a group of motivated women, BvB Dallas is a way to honor and remember loved ones who suffered or are suffering from Alzheimer's and related diseases. BvB Dallas has experienced a blitz of success, by raising over $2.8 million dollars and recruiting over 1,000 volunteers in nine years. 

A staggering 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease today, which cost the nation over $236 BILLION in 2016 alone.  Your donation to BvB Dallas will go directly to those living with Alzheimer’s, and those fighting to find a cure. Thank you for your help to TACKLE ALZHEIMER’S FOREVER!

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