Fancy Yancey Tackling Alzheimer's

by Alicia Yancey

Supporting: BvB Dallas 2017 Season for BvB Dallas

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This will be my 4th summer to get to play for such an amazing organization. Even though I started out not having been personally affected by Alzheimer's , I have been able to get to know my peers, co workers and bosses on a deeper level through it. Being able to share the story of what BvB Dallas can do for people that had no idea organizations like this even existed in a world where they thought there was no hope, brings an emotion that is indescribable.  

This year we have teamed up with 4 beneficiary's ; UT Southwestern (fellowship), Center for Brain Health (Discovery Group), Center for Vital Longevity( Iron Accumulation research study), and Baylor AT&T Memory Center (Care Specialist). Each of these groups would love to have you come out and tour and see for yourself what your money has been able to do. 

Alzheimer’s Facts

• Alzheimer’s affects more than 5 million Americans, including 350,000 right here in Texas

• 1 in 3 seniors will die with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia

• Someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s every 66 seconds

• Alzheimer’s is the #6 cause of death in the United States; it is the only top 10 cause of death that (i) is increasing and (ii) cannot be prevented, cured, or even effectively slowed!


BvB Dallas is a young-professionals organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for Alzheimer's disease. Each year, the organization hosts a number of fundraising events including happy hours, pool parties, charity dinners, a benefit concert and a powder-puff football game at the Cotton Bowl. Founded in 2008 by a group of motivated women, BvB Dallas is a way to honor and remember loved ones who suffered or are suffering from Alzheimer's and related diseases. BvB Dallas has experienced a blitz of success, by raising over $2.8 million dollars and recruiting over 1,000 volunteers in nine years. 

A staggering 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease today, which cost the nation over $236 BILLION in 2016 alone.  Your donation to BvB Dallas will go directly to those living with Alzheimer’s, and those fighting to find a cure. Thank you for your help to TACKLE ALZHEIMER’S FOREVER!

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