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Supporting: Star Barn Farm for Movimiento



Daniela and I and the boys are finally at a point to launch a vision that I've held personally since I first began working with youth some 20+ years ago. We are purchasing land that will serve as a home base for the work that we do, both via therapy and the outdoors/nature-connection. The vision includes giving youth a space to connect to what's meaningful to them as they're learning to work with their hands, heal their wounds, and develop tangible skills toward the world they want to inhabit. I am particularly focussed on the needs of boys as they become men and I see this land as a place where they can return over again to get the support they need to move through limiting behavior into a fuller vision of themselves. I've always believed that what holds youth back is a combination of personal trauma, missing the skills they long for,  and not feeling like they have the support to do what their hearts know is most important. If we invite young people to live their dreams we create opportunities for new visions to enter into a cultural conversation that is in dire need of perspective. 

If you feel moved to help us with this vision, please consider donating or becoming a fundraiser yourself. We are so grateful.

If you would like to make a large donation or would like to make a private gift (non-tax-deductible) to us personally, you can contact me at 805-459-8742.

Thank you!

A place for remembering what you're here to do and be.

Because now's the time.

Check out our full vision in the Star Barn Farm Book.

We are creating Star Barn Farm as a home base for Movimiento's youth programs and as a place of inspiration and healing where people of all ages can come and reconnect - to themselves, community, and the land. Imagine a place where you feel completely at home, where you feel rested and comfortable but also invigorated and inspired, a place where you feel lively motivation to head outside and see what projects and gifts the day has to offer. The idea is that Star Barn will be a small-scale homestead, community hub, way station for travelers and activists, and land-based home for our outdoor and therapeutic work with young people from Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, and the Sierra Foothills.

With your help, this campaign aims to raise $100,000 toward launching Star Barn Farm on 20 acres of land in Nevada City CA. This gorgeous place is readily accessible to local young people as well as our urban youth and partners. We hope to purchase the land privately, with donations to Movimiento supporting programming and beginning infrastructure. Here are ways to participate:

    • DONATE via this page (tax-deductible contribution to Movimiento).
    • Become a FUNDRAISER for this cause by clicking on the above button and creating your own page, where you can set your fundraising goal and customize as you'd like. This peer-to-peer fundraising is the key to this campaign's success. Your own page comes with the Star Barn video, online book, and this text if you'd like to use them. And we're here to support, encourage, and share the whole team's progress. Plus you get awesome homestead gift perks like jam or propolis or hand-spun wool or anything else we might cook up. This is one of the biggest ways you can help us!
    • Donate OFFLINE to either Movimiento or a private gift to our family. Recommended for amounts above $1,000. Offline donations will be reflected on this page in our progress toward our total goal. 

If we do not raise the amount we need to purchase this particular piece of land, we will use the raised funds toward creating Star Barn Farm in another location. We are committed to fulfilling this vision in one or another beautiful form, so make sure to leave us your contact information and we will let you know about Star Barn developments.

How would you like to support?