Patrick Sansone





My name is Patrick Sansone, and I am thrilled to announce that I will be climbing  Mt. Kilimanjaro: the world's highest free standing mountain, and the tallest peak in Africa! Furthermore, I will be partnering with Radiating Hope, an organization whose mission is to make cancer care accessible to all. Through climbs like this one, Radiating Hope has brought access to radiation oncology services to all corners of the world. For me, attempting to summit Kilimanjaro will be a test unlike no other. My physical and mental stamina will be pushed to their limits. North Carolina mountains do not have anything on the altitude that I will face when climbing Kilimanjaro. However, I am running and hiking whenever I can to be the best version of myself for when it's time to climb!

For me, this experience is about so much more than just climbing a mountain. As a medical physics student, I am raising money for the very same cancer facilities and equipment that I hope to use in my own career. As a human being, I know the damage cancer creates within families and communities. If there is someone in your own life who has been affected by cancer, I would be extremely honored to carry a prayer flag to the top of Kilimanjaro dedicated to them .  

Kilimanjaro proudly stands at over 19 thousand feet tall. Therefore, I am graciously asking anyone interested in supporting my efforts to donate $19.00 – one dollar for every thousand feet that I will be climbing. 100% of any donation you make goes directly to the funding of construction and equipment purchases in Tanzania. 

Thank you for your support along this journey. 


Our mission is to update and provide cancer care to developing countries. Cancer continues to be a leading cause of death in developing countries and it is because they simply lack proper treatment machines.  We plan on improving cancer care by providing life saving radiation machines and training. We climb mountains in order to show the world that we can do hard things! By creating a team of super-advocates, we will climb to the top of Kilimanjaro in order to help the developing countries overcome cancer!

Dedicate a Prayer Flag!

The prayer flags have a long tradition of representing strength, hope, and well-being for the people they honor. It is traditionally believed that as the mountain winds blow the flags, and the fragile threads slowly unravel away from the flags and blow into the breeze, that this action represents a thought of hope, strength, and well-being for the person it honors. We’ve watched the threads of the Radiating Hope prayer flags blow in the high mountain winds on many mountains and peaks around the world, honoring cancer patients in their journey through cancer.

How would you like to support?