Leo and Ollie's Lemonade Stand for Climate Justice

by Lori Vroegindewey




Campaign has ended


Living on this planet is pretty amazing!

In honor of Earth Month and in recognition of our responsibility in

stewarding our precious planet...

Our family is trying to raise $350 for 350Brooklyn in the month of April. We love 350Brooklyn because they work locally to address the climate crisis!

As part of these efforts Leo and Ollie will be hosting a lemonade stand on
April 22nd 2-4pm at our beloved 61 Franklin St. Community Garden in Greenpoint. 

We know it might be far for some of you to come to Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a glass of lemonade...SO, please consider making a donation through our page! 

This month we also plan to be doing a lot of hiking, gardening, street tree stewarding, compost sifting and more - we hope to see you on our adventures! We'll be sending updates as we go along. Thanks for your support!

350 Brooklyn is your local answer to fighting the climate crisis - join us! 

Our members make phone calls, visit Albany, create graphics, lobby our local electeds, spark conversations and even run 5ks in support of our work. Donating to 350 Brooklyn is a critical piece of this activism and makes us stronger in our fight.