Green Thumb/Brown Thumb Plant Fundraiser

by Kathy Malone




Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Chosen Family,

It has been an empowering few years volunteering with 350Brooklyn, this April will be my 3rd Earth Week/Day having found a "home" in this organization.

350Brooklyn has shown me how to influence our electeds to pass major climate bills or stop fossil fuel projects. Alone, I can't directly pull the levers of power but when enough of us join the tug of war, we can win in very concrete ways via legislation. This kind of winning stretches beyond our city and state. For example, when we pass a gas ban in New York City (Gas Free NYC Intro 2317), the largest city in the US, other towns/cities around the nation and globe will follow. Berkeley California just became the 100th city in the US to join the ban.

If you appreciate this kind of direct work, it's a great bang for your donation buck! No donation is too small. To sweeten the deal I am having a plant sale of my beloved plants that have lifted my spirits and I hope they will yours too. If you have a green thumb please email me which plant you are interested in and how we can get it to you. If you have a brown thumb but a green heart, just donate what you can with a clear conscience!  

With these funds, we have capacity-building goals, workshops, and training that would be put to even greater use.

Some Recent Wins:

1.) REJECTED- National Grid’s proposed gas vaporizers in Brooklyn. 

2.) Hochul signs cumulative impacts bill.

3. ) We halted the “repowering” of the Gowanus oil-and-gas power plant in Sunset Park making way for battery storage instead.

4.) We passed a ban on Fossil Fuels in new buildings (Gas Free NYC Intro 2317). 

5.) Stopped the Williams Fracked Gas Pipeline.

6.) We helped stop the Danskammer fracked gas peaker plant. 

7.) Passed "Skip The Stuff" bill making plastic utensils for take-out delivery by request only.

8.) Helped pass the Environmental Bond Act Bond to make $4.2B available for climate projects 


350 Brooklyn is your local answer to fighting the climate crisis - join us! 

Our members make phone calls, visit Albany, create graphics, lobby our local electeds, spark conversations and even run 5ks in support of our work. Donating to 350 Brooklyn is a critical piece of this activism and makes us stronger in our fight.