Oscar the Grouch says: Cough up some cash for 350Brooklyn

by Mimi Bluestone




Campaign has ended


I have to make this annoying fundraising pitch because Mimi’s too busy with 350Brooklyn. Also the climate emergency makes her grouchy, and who better to explain that than me? Do you think I like it when it’s 100 degrees in my garbage pail? Or when Hurricane Ida flooded my cozy can? And don’t even talk about Superstorm Sandy blowing my pied-a-trash into the gutter. 

Even I have to admit that 350Brooklyn does great work. They educate, agitate, testify, fortify, and they’re a good ally. They played a huge role in stopping a $1 billion fracked gas pipeline under NY harbor, and they did their part to get NY’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act passed. They harangue City Hall, they harass the banks that fund fossil fuel projects, and they get up at the crack of dawn to make a ruckus up in Albany – I’m grumpy just thinking about it.

So will you shell out some shekels? If you do I promise I will pull down my lid and leave you alone. At least until the next hurricane.

350 Brooklyn is your local answer to fighting the climate crisis - join us! 

Our members make phone calls, visit Albany, create graphics, lobby our local electeds, spark conversations and even run 5ks in support of our work. Donating to 350 Brooklyn is a critical piece of this activism and makes us stronger in our fight.